About Us

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Mission Statement
Our work is firmly rooted in the craft of building.   For us, the act of building is equally important to the act of designing.  We approach every project without preconception, bringing:

  • Excellent design and planning skills.
  • A deep knowledge of and respect for building materials and methods.
  • The vision to maximize synergies between building and landscape.
  • The belief that architecture can uplift the human spirit and enrich our daily lives.

We start every project getting to know our clients and their needs.  Our designs explore the relationship between building, landscape, and nature finding ways to exploit terrain, views, and natural light. Of equal importance, our designs emphasize the human experience – composing built forms, spaces and materials that delight and function well.  Our work is not didactic. We explore multiple design solutions and our work has the depth and breadth to be expressive without stylistic preconception.  Every one of our projects is unique because each client is unique and each site is unique.

About Joseph Hobart Weiss Architecture, Planning & Design
Joseph Hobart Weiss Architecture, Planning, & Design is an award winning architectural design firm founded in 2004 by Joseph Weiss, an architect with 30 years of experience.  Mr. Weiss worked as a carpenter/builder before studying architecture, instilling in him a deep understanding and appreciation of construction materials and methods. This love of materials and good craftsmanship is infused into every project.